50 Polework Exercises

50 Polework Exercises

It can often seem like a daunting or challenging  task keeping your horse interested  while schooling them. Often there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to achieve everything you wanted and  you might feel like you are not making a big difference.


This Books will help with ground pole training for all disciplines and will help show how to make the most  of your schooling time. Contained are detailed diagrams showing multiple routes that can be taken and all lines are given a detailed explanation so you will know what you are working on with your horse. The book contains many different sizes and difficulties of exercises and ranges from the use of 1 pole up to 20 poles with an average of 6-8 poles.


All the exercises that are shown In this book can be mixed around and often you can take your favourite parts of certain exercises and put them together. The exercises are suitable for any level or horse and rider and the distances show are for an average and should be suitable for most combinations.


The exercises contain detailed descriptions explaining the use of the exercise and what it will help with. Some of the lines are easier than others but are designed to be progressed to.



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